I decided to backpack through life!

First of all, for clarification purposes, the word “mochilera” means backpacker. The bilingual name of “Miss Mochilera” is the reflection of our bicultural background and target, I will be writing an entire post on that! So Stay tuned 🙂 🙂 ok, now we’re ready to start!

Looking back to the fall of 2016, I remember getting a message from Jeannette, a traveler enthusiastic and young entrepreneur, who I had the chance to meet at a community event at the Ecuadorian Embassy a few months ago. She was a very passionate and hard working girl. However due to the chaotic and fast life style in NYC, we had never have the chance to really get to know each other, until then…

The reason why she was approaching to me was because she was developing a very inspiring and interesting initiative aimed to young girls who love to travel. The focus was developing a platform where we can share our stories, tips and experiences so that we can create a network and eventually become a non-profit organization for female travelers. I was flattered to be the first girl she thought could collaborate and be an asset to this idea. She had noticed that I was very passionate about traveling and discovering the world too, so yes. WITHOUT THINKING TWICE, I SAID YES!

As I had just discovered what traveling with a purpose entails through my trip to Puerto Rico, I found this project as an amazing opportunity for me to share my stories with like minded people. Indeed, everything related to storytelling is truly my passion, (if case you have not realized LOL) The idea was magnific!, yet it was kind of lacking of structure and needed to be developed. Even though the mission was clear, we still needed to identify the starting point…

It was not until January of 2017, when coincidentally Jeannette and I were both visiting our beloved country Ecuador and this became the perfect time for us to not only start off the year by traveling, but also to live out the experience of Mochilear (to backpack) through our own country!

So again, without thinking much, we decided to take the risk and go on the adventure! We took a bus from Cuenca to Vilcabamba, a kind of far hidden paradise in the South of the Ecuadorean Andes. Also known for being home of the oldest people of South America and ideal for a healthy lifestyle tourism with full of nature and with highly appreciation for the Paccha Mama (mother earth). A long route, a 5 dollar hostel, interacting with mochileros from the world and a horse riding to the highest mountains breathing the purest air on earth became one of the most unforgettable experiences I had ever had!!! I learned and realized how happy one can be without having much, by just exploring around, and appreciating the beauty of nature and the peace of my own country. By traveling light, being present and aware of the simplicity of life, I understood that backpacking, beyond traveling on a budget, is living out your dreams, is basically making the most out of life!!

Full of motivation and stories to tell, I came back to New York City, though Jeannette was still in Ecuador. In the meantime, I had been thinking of ideas to make this project a reality. Three months later, once she got back, we finally met. As she was planning to go to move to China soon, and it was kind of taking us forever to finally start off with the project, we knew that it was the time. Some peculiar thoughts came to my mind telling me that we should TAKE THE RISK. So we should not be afraid because we will find the path, but we could never find the path if we don’t start walking… In fact, we knew then. It was the time, the time to begin! We contacted the first group of mochileras who wanted to share their experiences and set the first video shooting session, and yeah, the story #Miss Mochilera finally began.

Indeed, as my intuition told me… We have been finding a path little by little, every time, on every new idea, every new person who join us, every new Mochilera who shares her story and of course in all of you who get to feel motivated through this project and even though there is still room for improvement, I am so happy today to be officially launching this amazing and inspiring project from here, my personal blog.

I am a person who strongly believes in the power of an effective storytelling as the best social influencer for change. Therefore, my goal is to motivate and empower girls to go after their dreams, because remember, backpacking is not only to travel, rather, it is TAKING THE RISK on whatever situation you may be going through.
Because believe me, the world needs dreamers, and the world needs doers, but most of all, THE WORLD NEEDS GO GETTERS WHO NEVER LIMIT THEMSELVES! and we’re here to help!

If you wonder how you can get involved into this project? Simple! Keep up to date , share your stories and inviting others to do the same!

I’ll be sharing my mochilera adventures in NYC, Jeannette will be also sharing her experiences in China! And if you’re from elsewhere; you can also become a correspondent from your own place! CONTACT US! We are a continuously growing community and always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Also, do not forget to follow us on all of our social media accounts:

Facebook: Miss Mochilera
Instagram: @missmochilera
Website: www.missmochilera.com

And keep spreading the word! So that we can continue to help others to get inspired just as we did, to go out and take the risk!… Now the question is… Are you down for the adventure of backpacking through life?

Again, thank you so much for reading my blog. You guys are my I inspiration



Instagram: @gabybarzallo

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  1. Christine dice:

    I absolutely love the concept! I’m so happy for you girl! Keep it up! 💕💕💕

    Me gusta


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